"I'm a pretty direct person and can appreciate a good thing when I see it. The folks at Better Property Management gets 5 Stars from me for consistently delivering on the company's name! I took my time looking at all the opening before getting into one of their properties and thought- well that was that. Then almost a year later when I finally felt moved in I realized I need more electrical outlets to help me manage the very connected life I live.- no sweat! I had a good conversation with the Team at BPM and pretty soon after they arranged to have an electrician add a few needed outlets. These were not the kind of things you think about when trying to find a place in San Francisco or when you didn't completely unpack for months. There was never a time something happened that the team was not attentive to correcting quickly or sharing information on. My building is a charmer and not a new generic apartment box but I'm happy that they keep it in great shape.
Only weeks ago I approached Steve at BPM about adding additional cabinets/cupboards in my place as I desperately needed storage in the kitchen. What seemed like the very next day Steve had someone come look at the space and assess the need. He agreed I definitely needed more storage and believe it or not I'm now trying to arrange a time to have the cupboard installed that we worked on getting. Anyone can get you a place in San Francisco but a property management company that is attentive to the needs of the tenants and balances that with the objectives of the land lord well enough that we both feel valued is a rare commodity.
I'll tell you what I've told my friends, give BPM a call if you are looking for a place- it's like getting a forrest for the price of a tree."

- Carl W.

"It can be tough to find good housing in San Francisco - let's be honest it can be a nightmare. My experience with Better Property Management was a dream come true! I moved into the place with someone who had previously been the leaseholder and didn't have any pets. They were really flexible to allow me to pay a pet deposit and get added onto the lease with no problem. Steve is the perfect combo of a landlord that leaves you alone when you want and helps when you need it. 10/10 would recommend."
- Sarah D.

"Finding an apartment in San Francisco can feel like hunting an angry lion with a plastic fork, so I was expecting my application & move-in process to be another thrilling, probably nightmarish ordeal.
BPM wasn't about that, though. Everyone I spoke to there was helpful and friendly, and any concerns I had were way overblown. They walked me through every step of the process, were available to help with any questions I had, and legitimately seemed to care about my well-being as a tenant. When I moved out three years later, they were just as good on that end.
I never had a single issue with the agency while I was renting, and the building manager, Jan, was incredibly sweet - she was always available to help at a moment's notice, but was extremely respectful of our privacy. I can't recommend looking for an apartment in San Francisco, but if you are, BPM is one of the good ones."

- Roger K.

"I rented a BPM Studio apartment in Laurel Heights for 1 year. They made the application process very easy. The building was kept very clean even the common areas like the on-site laundry room. Always friendly and attentive service from building manager. Online rent payments were also a great convenience.
Overall I really enjoyed this apartment and all the BPM staff and building managers I interacted with. Would recommend this building to friends. Only reason I moved out was that I needed a larger apartment."

- Thomas M.

"Alana and the team were truly excellent. I rented a studio from BPM in Pac Heights for 2.5 years and cannot say enough positive things about their responsiveness, clarity, and reliability. Would work with them again in a second!"
- Arielle S.

"It can be tough to find good housing in San Francisco - let's be honest it can be a nightmare. My experience with Better Property Management was a dream come true! I moved into the place with someone who had previously been the leaseholder and didn't have any pets. They were really flexible to allow me to pay a pet deposit and get added onto the lease with no problem. Steve is the perfect combo of a landlord that leaves you alone when you want and helps when you need it. 10/10 would recommend."
- Sarah D.

"BPM was truly excellent! I rented an amazing one-bedroom unit from Parvesh who is one of the best landlords I have ever had. He is extremely involved in maintaining his building, keeping it clean and addressing any concerns in a prompt and professional manner. Parvesh and Alana are very friendly and easy to work with. Parvesh and BPM are a wonderful team who really care about their tenants and set the bar for excellence. I would highly recommend BPM and Parvesh's building to anyone looking to rent."
- Allyson E.

"This review is specifically for Parvesh & Alana of BPM - the best of the best. I rented a one-bedroom apartment in Russian Hill for a year and am SO bummed to be leaving across the country!
Not only did they make the application process incredibly easy, the service was absolutely the best I have ever received as a tenant. Alana and Parvesh were immediately responsive to any questions and issues involving the unit and service requests were personally addressed by the landlord, Parvesh, and completed promptly. I was absolutely impressed by not only their professionalism but the quality of their service - you are in great hands if you have the opportunity to rent from them! On top of that, the premises are kept in phenomenal shape under Parvesh's experienced eye. An absolutely unparalleled team, and I would 100% recommend the BPM group, especially Parvesh and Alana, to anyone looking for a property management company.
I'm so sad to be leaving - they were absolutely a pleasure to work with and the bar is now set extremely high. BPM is the best!"

- Julia L.

"I don't really take the time i should to do yelp reviews. you really have to knock my socks off awesome to make me take time and write one up, and i have to say, BPM deserves it.
I was a little worried dealing with a property management company, becase when i was looking to move to SF i had heard all these horror stories about them, but BPM is seriously great.
Very easy to work with, very pleasant and responsive, and it made a really anxious process of signing a lease and MOVING TO SAN FRANCISCO just so easy. i've lived in one of their properties on Duboce Ave for almost 3 years now, and i'm sad to say i'm moving due to a career change, but if i ever find my way back down here, my first stop will be BPM listings, because they were great.
Maintenance was always right there for us whenever something happened. we even got a pretty generous rent credit one time because one of the pipes burst and we had no water for a few days. they are almost always proactive in the order of a few weeks in reaching out to you about building work and it's really just so nice after seeing what some of my friends went through with other agencies.
There's a lot of great compliments about Alana on the reviews and she really does deserve them. you probably won't interact with her too much, but i have nothing but great things to say about the times i did! i've seen her busy to the point where i'd be pulling my hair out and she just rocks.
So i definitely recommend BPM and i hope your experiences with them are even better than mine."

- Scott R.

"I have lucked out by working with Alana and Better Property Management twice. I recently moved back to SF after being in Chicago for two years and sought out Better Property Management (again) to find an apartment. I had repeated success and ease in finding a unit that suited my needs. Without Alana, I would have endured the crazy apartment-hunting market. Super grateful!"
- Stina M.

"I was looking for a 3 bedroom with a couple buddies for a couple months with no luck. Just a crazy market. I started cold-calling Property Management companies, and Alana at BPM was the only one anywhere (I just Yelped "Property Management" and called down the line) that would give me the time of day. She listened to what I wanted, we had a couple laughs, and then she said that she'd be in touch.
Skip ahead 2 months: She actually e-mailed me with an apartment that matched what I told her I was looking for! We had already found a place, but I was shocked (in a good way) at the level of engagement and care I got from Alana.
Again, compared to other Property Management companies (where I got laughed at and told to check Craigslist) Alana's service was literally an oasis in a desert, and even though I ended up going another way, it was much appreciated."

- Ben C.

"An honest company. I rented from them for four years and found that they were accommodating and most importantly treated myself and my roommates as humans!
Alana was warm and professional and made sure my needs were met; from maintenance, to moves within buildings, to roommate changes, and finally rental references in more recent apartment searches - no one has been better!"

- Emily T.

"I had a great experience with BPM. Both Alana and my landlord, Jan, were simply awesome. Very friendly and willing to go above and beyond. Great location and very easy street parking."
- Jo K.

"We're renting an apartment at 1499 Union Street and have lived here for 2.5 years. We're moving out at the end of the month (relocating to Midwest), but had a wonderful experience. Our landlord, Parvesh, is great. He's always friendly and extremely responsive. And, he takes pride in the building - it's in good condition, the common areas are always clean, and he keeps the backyard cut and tidy.
While I haven't had too many interactions with BPM (I haven't had a need!), Alana was helpful when we were moving in and getting everything set up. Paperwork was handled quickly and she returned emails and calls promptly.
It has been a great experience all around and I'd definitely recommend Parvesh and BPM."

- Sean C.

"I lived in one of BPM's buildings in Laurel Heights for nearly 6 years. I came across my apartment with them after a taxing, stressful search. Trying to find a decent place somewhat last minute at the end of December is not fun. But from the day I walked into their old office on Market until today when I handed in my keys and did my final walk through I've had all positive experiences.
Alana, who works in the office and despite being extraordinarily busy virtually all the time, is really friendly and always willing to listen and respond thoughtfully. She made the lease signing process and move in easy and gave me a great reference when she spoke to my new landlord. And then there's Jan, the property manager at the building. Probably one of the nicest people I've met in San Francisco and a great, attentive, and on the ball property manager, Jan was always available, took great care of the building, and was really cool about watching for and keeping an eye on deliveries. And as I said, on top of all of that, and more importantly, Jan is just a warm, friendly person.
My apartment was basically newly renovated when I moved in and the building overall was well cared for, so I rarely had to call for things to be looked at. But the couple times I did have trouble with something, Jan, the office, and whomever they sent to do the work all coordinated well and resolved things to my satisfaction. I've heard tons of horror stories about some of the other larger landlords and rental management companies in San Francisco, but BPM really seems to be different. I'd happily recommend them to friends and family."

- Don W.

"So I was in a pretty tough situation. I found a place right before the 30 days notice at my last apartment went up, but the landlord kept pushing off my move-in date by one day, day after day, because the redone hardwood floors, which I was told was supposed to be nice "for me" weren't dry yet. It got to the point where I was staying at my old apartment beyond my lease and I had movers (re)scheduled for the next day and no keys in my hands.
At the last minute I saw an ad on Craigslist and got in touch with Jan who showed me the apartment the next morning. Clean, spacious apartment with lots of closet space in a well-maintained building with parking included? I'm in! Jan called Alana at the main office and within minutes I was filling out an application and picking up my cashier's check. Halfway through the lease signing, my movers were packing up my stuff and as they were driving over, I was at the new place grabbing my keys. All in all, I saw the apartment and was all moved in within 4 hours. Pretty amazing.
Looking back, Jan and Alana had no reason to help me out in my bind. But they were professional and friendly and genuinely wanted to. Jan was amazing, even asking me if I was sure I loved the place and wasn't just settling. As for Alana, wow. She pretty much lost her voice that day, and less than a day away from her vacation, took care of all of my paperwork freakishly fast. And the guys who weren't in a rush to get their lease signed and came in at their normally scheduled time? They were taken care of too - Alana didn't miss a beat.
I've been here for a month now and I can definitely say I didn't settle on the only apartment I could find at the last minute - although, who knows what would have happened if I didn't find Jan and Alana. It's been a great apartment and the one leaky shower head I found was fixed the next day, good as new, while I was at work. And the other property manager I was supposed to be at? Couldn't be happier to be far, far away from her."

- Neda F.